Robert Krüger


More than just texts.

I go above and beyond

for your company.

The only German copywriter you will ever need.

Located in a small town in Eastern Germany.

Working for clients all over the world.

My content has no limits.

My services for...

Corporations, organisations and individuals

When non-German clients are looking for a German copywriter, they often look for them on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork or cheap translation agencies. Sure, there services offered there are cheap, and it may work out for you, but more often than not you end with poor results that need lots of revisions or do not really work for the German market, because the copywriters are not situated here. Basically, you get what you paid for.

But… many clients underestimate the importance of a good, working relationship. They need someone who knows the subleties of the German language. 

I deliver you more than just German content. I deliver you knowledge, insights and context. A good copywriter doesn’t just write the texts, he also tells you when something does not fit or work as intended. And that’s why I am the only German copywriter you will ever need!

Why you should work with me!

100% Satisfaction.

All of my previous clients have been satisfied with my work.

Available tomorrow.

The deadline is approaching fast? I am available for your express orders!

Content with value.

I always ask "What do I want to learn from this text?" That's why I don't just copy texts from somewhere else!


Fixed, flat prices give you that peace of mind when it comes to your budget.

Playing fair

I will tell you when something is not going to work. Honest and direct, but without bullshit.

Insured and secure.

My media liability insurance covers you in case something went wrong!